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Powerful User Interface

Weda Elegance

tools and options...

with breathtaking effects!

Extremely elegant theme for events and magazines

Now supports easy sublayer-changing option!

You can use images or any

HTML elements as layers!

You can use unlimited

Numbers of sublayers!

And you can simply set the direction

or fading / timing of sublayers and more!

How about embedding and auto-playing YouTube &
Vimeo videos with auto-pause slideshow feature?

With using of these features you can easily create also
auto-playing video-galleries!

LayerSlider will switch slide on Video end

Enjoy Your Video

Our Wedding 

Wedding Updates 

Wedding Updates 



Punto e perspective und things iste...



Wedding photographer Alex Nozdrin made...

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Russian wedding photographer Alex...

Wedding cake

Wedding cake

We like to make things for web

You can choose between a left, right, or no sidebar lay- out for your page. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus...
Car rent

Car rent

Working hard, sleeping deep.

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